What Is TextBroker?

Content Reselling

Textbroker is a content writing service that offers various options for reselling their services. Resellers can choose to build an order form on their own website and send orders to Textbroker via their API. They can also create a Textbroker client account and place orders directly on Textbroker, which can be automatically exported to the client’s website. Another option is to use Textbroker’s WordPress plugin to send orders from WordPress and have the content automatically sent back. Resellers have the flexibility to mark up Textbroker’s prices and keep the entire mark-up for themselves. Textbroker does not have a formal affiliate program but does offer a Managed Service option for resellers who want Textbroker to manage their content generation. They also provide a Self-Service option where clients can manage their own projects. Additionally, Textbroker has an Expert Center that offers resources and information on content marketing and SEO.